Hints & Tips for Roof Maintenance


Your roof provides the primary protection of your home from the elements — “A roof over your head” — and needs to be maintained, just like all major systems in your home.  

Primarily, you need to keep debris and water from collecting and pooling on your roof.  Typically, this isn’t a major concern on the open areas of the roof, but rather in the cracks, crevices, and penetrations of your roof.  However, debris can also pile up on the open areas if you have large trees or bushes that overhang your roof and drop lots of vegetation onto the roof surface.  Please take all necessary precautions for working high above the ground and hire a professional, if necessary. For general spring cleaning roof maintenance, you need to look at the following three areas to maintain your roofing system in it’s peak functioning condition.

* Gutters
* Penetrations, Valleys, Crevices
* Vegetation/Trees


Roof Gutters

You really need to keep your gutters clean and free of debris.  The correct gutter system removes water from your roofing system.  If you don’t keep gutters, downpipes and box gutters clean, water can pool on the roofing surface and do a lot of damage, shortening the life of your roof.  Usually, you can do this every spring with your spring cleaning project list, but if you have a lot of trees and vegetation on your property, you may need to do it twice per year.  You can clean the gutters out with your garden hose, but this can make a big mess and a waste of water! Installing leaf guard is highly recommended and it makes the job easier!


Roof Penetrations

Get your mind out of the “gutter.”  We're talking about your skylights, exhaust pipes, roof vents, and so on.  These are “holes” in your roofing system and need to be maintained to ensure the integrity of your roof.  Check for broken roofing tiles or shingles around the penetrations, caulking that needs to be replaced, broken or cracked glass/plexiglas, and excessive rust.

Additionally, you need to look for any areas where water and debris may gather on the roof.  Two valleys coming together creating a low spot, a ridge coming into a valley, your roof eave meeting a roofing surface and creating a pocket for debris to collect, and so on.  Anywhere that creates an opportunity for roofing failure due to water and debris.  Clean those areas up and repair any damage.


Tree Overhangs

This is one of the most often overlooked areas of roof maintenance. Drive around the neighborhoods in your area, and you see beautiful trees and bushes decorating the yards of homeowners.  Unfortunately, we also see this beautiful landscaping destroying roofing systems.

Trees and bushes that “overhang” a roof (this includes branches from trees that are a good distance from your home) drop vegetation, grow onto the roof, hold water against the roof, and dramatically shorten the lifespan of a roofing system.  Every spring as part of your spring cleaning regimen, you need to trim these overhangs away from your roof. 
This can be very dangerous, as you're working near the edge of your roofing system and reaching up to cut overhangs.  Please take the necessary precautions or hire a professional. 

Trim the branches back away from your roof, taking care not to let the trimmed branches damage your roof by falling on it.  Remember to look overhead, not just on your roof for branches that may be dropping debris from above.


Make sure to do these three simple tasks as part of your spring cleaning routine and your roof will last much longer.  Just like your teeth, if you ignore your roof, it will go away.


Roof Inspections

It's advisable to have a roof inspection from time to time to maintain its overall health, and to ensure there are no major issues, and none at risk of developing.  We are able to provide a relatively inexpensive and professional roof inspection and roof assessment. Call us today to book a free roof inspection now. 


Common Roofing Repairs

The areas that are most often in need of attention are broken, cracked or missing tiles, re-bedding ridges and gables, and killing gutter rust.

The wide range of tiles commercially available in Australia should mean you'll be able to match or almost match your existing tiles. If too many are damaged, in adverse weather conditions, you may need to look at total replacement.


Roof Maintenance

To lengthen its life, your roof could do with a total water pressure clean, or may need the application of a sterilising agent or anti-fungicide.


Total Roof Replacement and Re-roofing

There may come a time when you need to replace the entire roof. This could be for several reasons.

It may be leaking badly, and is more economical to replace rather than to repair. Alternately, you may be extending your home and want the roof to look uniform.  

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